Implementing International Standard Security at Afghan Airports

Client :  Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation Afghanistan

Date and Duration : May 2012 – Present

Places of Performance :  Kabul Airport, Kandahar Airport, Herat Airport and Mazar-e-Sharif Airport


As the Government of Afghanistan begins to assert complete control over their infrastructure and public services, the security of the country’s airports are of chief concern. For the last 3 years, international contractors have been engaged to provide all of the aviation security screening services for the countries international traffic.  Initially only for Kabul Airport, this was extended to Kandahar almost 12 months ago.  In the last 3 months, the scope has been extended to cover the new terminal at Herat Airport, and the newly completed Mazar-e-Sharif Airport.


Restrata is working closely with the Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) to both secure their four major airports in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar-e-Sharif and train the local staff in the latest aviation security concepts and practices used worldwide. The end goal of the (MoTCA) is to instill an international-level of security services at each of the four airports.

The scope of the project consists of Restrata fielding a sizable and trained contingent of aviation security professionals who will screen outgoing passengers, baggage and cargo and will secure aircraft between arrival and departure to ensure the complete safety of assets are maintained. The project is manned primarily by local Afghans who are trained and mentored by Restrata Aviation Security Professionals.


Restrata is contracted to provide the following services

Aviation Security Screening – Restrata employs around 300 Afghans National personnel, who are trained and experienced in screening tasks. These screeners are managed by a seasoned team of experienced international expatriate managers, all of whom possess high levels of certifications obtained while working for internationally known airports around the world. Aiding the Restrata employees in their screening efforts will be a large number of scanning devices for both passengers and cargo to ensure the highest of screening standards are maintained. Restrata will work closely with Afghan police, immigration, and customs officials based at the airport to ensure a safe and secure environment is maintained at all times.  Screening services include:

  • Passengers
  • Staff
  • Cabin Baggage
  • Hold Baggage
  • Cargo
  • Catering

All screening is conducted in accordance with, and to the standards set out in, ICAO Annex 17.

 Security of Aviation Assets – In addition to screening services, Restrata is responsible for securing active aviation assets and airframes using the ramps at the four airports. Our trained personnel screen each aircraft prior to loading and create a security bubble around the aircraft to maintain a sterile and safe environment for waiting aircraft. Again working with Afghan police and military units based at the airport, Restrata collaborates to create a safe and secure environment on the airside of the terminal.

K9 Provision – Through our Team partners, AMK9, we provide dedicated explosive and narcotic canine screening services at all four airports.

Training – A key element of the capacity building task is the creation of a training facility/capacity, that in future will provide the basis for a National Aviation Security Training Centre.  Restrata is working with International organisations to ensure that training conducted in Afghanistan is to internationally accredited standards.  An important factor highlighted within Restrata’s solution is the ability to impart a high-level of training from our western management team to the up-and-coming Afghan civil aviation departments. Restrata is working with the relevant Afghan authorities to properly train and vet their personnel, all with the intention of propelling their civil aviation program to an internationally recognised level on par with current

Development of MoTCA Aviation Security Capability – Restrata is working closely with other stakeholders in the International Community, to develop the capacity that MoTCA has to govern its own aviation security affairs, as a step to them being the Competent Authority (under ICAO Annex 17 definition) for the aviation security affairs.  This work includes formal training, mentoring, document drafting, and the conduct of workshops.

Equipment Maintenance – Restrata is providing routine and responsive maintenance for the extensive fleet of x-ray scanning e4quioment. Archway metal detectors and explosive trace detection equipment.  We have dedicated engineers who are capable of diagnosis and repair of the equipment locally.