Securing Iraq’s Largest Refinery

Integrated security solution for one of the world's largest refineries.

Client :  Iraq Ministry of Oil, North Refineries Company

Date and Duration : April 2011 – Ongoing

Place of Performance :  Iraq


On reaching the Specialist Training and Operations & Maintenance phases of the project lifecycle, the Iraqi National Oil Company will have a robust, integrated security solution in place that will enhance the integrity of the site without compromising the operational requirements of the facility.


Our client’s largest oil refinery is a massive industrial complex located on multiple sites around Baiji, a once-thriving city in northern Iraq, the prosperity of which was blighted by factional fighting and insurgent violence for more than a decade. As such, the complex, representing the much-coveted crown jewels in the nation’s oil infrastructure, has come under attack on numerous occasions.

Restrata has ten years experience providing risk mitigation services in support of various energy infrastructure initiatives in the immediate area of the complex. We know the terrain well, we understand its highly complex security dynamic and we have developed good relations with key community stakeholders at tribal, municipal, security force and governmental levels.

The refinery is of key strategic importance as it produces more than sixty per cent of the country’s gasoline, feeding the nearby power generation plant and several downstream chemical industries and employing more than 10,000 locals.

The refinery was built more than thirty years ago and has the output capacity of 310,000 barrels a day, in recent years, however, the complex has operated at less than full capacity due to the prevalent threat environment as well as power cuts and other operational constraints. The complex comprises of four large refineries that have historically functioned under the same direction yet with stand-alone control systems.

In 2011, the critical significance of the refinery prompted the Ministry of Oil’s Northern Refinery Company to contract Restrata to provide a fully integrated Core Security Management System to bring together all sub-systems in a single control and monitoring front end.


The solution includes Access Control, CCTV, Vehicle, Personnel, Road and Train Surveillance, Screening and Blocker Systems and Command and Control Centres as well as an advanced Perimeter Detection Solution complemented by visual verification capabilities through strategically deployed general surveillance cameras and long range thermal surveillance cameras that offer the same operational functionality at night and during intense sand storm scenarios.