Future-proofing UK Ports & Airports

Border SystemsReview, upgrade and integration of legacy security systems at forty-five strategic sea and airports

Client :  Ministry of Immigration & Security

Date and Duration : 2007 – 2009

Place of Performance : UK


Through Restrata’s application of future-proof, integrated technologies to enhance the security of forty-five strategic sea and airports, this project made a crucial contribution towards our client’s efforts to enhance homeland security.


In June 2007 the UK ministerial department responsible for national security appointed Restrata to undertake a review of security at forty-five strategic air and seaports throughout the country.

The project sought to identify the effectiveness of the legacy technologies deployed for the purposes of counter terrorism, law enforcement and border control at those sites.

The review also considered in detail the management and operational requirements of such technologies and made an assessment on the level of suitability, performance and ability, in light of the heightened threat and innovations in terrorist tactics and techniques.

The existing systems and business processes were also considered in the context of current national standards and benchmarks. The study focused, in particular, on the following:

  • Automated Number Plate Recognition Capability (ANPR);
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) capability and relevance to current port layout, facilities and operational needs;
  • Integration with the wider police force and allied agency intelligence sources;
  • Compliance with national strategy;
  • Gap Analysis between desirable and existing functionality;
  • Identification of systems that need to be implemented to ensure appropriate and consistent levels of performance and functionality were achieved at all strategic sites.

The services required by the client were:  

  • Review of legacy systems and current capability;
  • Evaluation against accepted national standards and presentation of options to ensure existing systems were compliant with those standards;
  • Procurement Management on behalf of the client and Air and Sea Port Operators;
  • Programme Management;
  • Management of the integration of all remote ANPR and related systems into the Police Service’s national infrastructure;
  • Full acceptance testing and commissioning of all the systems;
  • Maintenance Contract management on a 24/7 basis across all sites.