Incident Management Centre

An outsourced managed response capability that offers 24/7 support in a wide variety of extreme situations covering incident management and emergency response.

Restrata’s continuous enhancement of a robust and flexible 24/7 Incident Management & Response capability is paramount to our clients success.

Our Incident Management & Response capability has been stress-tested repeatedly, helping our clients respond to a wide variety of extreme situations, ranging from natural disasters through to road traffic accidents, civil disorder and terrorist attacks.

Strong leadership and a rigorously rehearsed response plan make for the difference between life and death, we have therefore harnessed the best technical and human resources available in the Incident Management & Response field onto our Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence (C4i) platform – the Restrata Global Operations & Communications Centre (GOCC).

Incident Management and Response Services

The GOCC serves as the hub for all our Incident Management & Response services. Through the GOCC we are able to offer a complete outsourced response capability to an extent and standard that is unique in the private sector. We provide the following Incident Management & Response services in collaboration with our medical and aviation partners:

  • Emergency Response Training
  • Crisis Scenario Testing (desktop and live exercises)
  • Tracking and Communications Solutions
  • Risk Monitoring, Analysis and Early Warning
  • Near real-time Burst SMS text and email alerting
  • Incident, Emergency and Crisis Management Planning
  • Crisis Communication Planning (including technical systems)
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Evacuation Escort and Support
  • Personnel and Convoy Protection
  • Asset and Facility Protection
  • Medical Support including First Line Trauma Care and Casualty Evacuation
  • Second and Third Line Trauma Care and Assistance
  • Life Support
  • Charter Aircraft
  • Primary and/or Secondary Crisis Management using the GOCC as the hub
  • Asset Tracking
  • Communications
  • Re-Entry Planning, Risk Review and Reconnaissance
  • Intelligence and Liaison
  • Advance Party Protector

Combining dedicated purpose-built facilities with response teams, our Incident Management Centres (IMCs) bring the latest technology and a unique range of services to deliver tailored emergency response. By offering a range of membership options Restrata is able to cater for all needs; from simple back-up facilities through to a full emergency response with experienced specialist staff.

Our 24-7 Emergency Control Rooms oversee all rotas and callouts. Within an hour of callout Restrata activates a full Incident Management Team plus relative and media responders in situ to manage the flow of information.

Retained Services

Restrata provides HSE professionals, emergency responders (Fire & Rescue and Incident Management/Business Support), training consultants, trainers, assessors and those who can develop in-house training teams.

Professional Placements

Across Restrata’s service lines we are able to offer skilled and experienced resource to support our clients on a full or part-time basis at their offices or assets to cover recruitment, absences or project requirements.

Global Response Services

When an incident happens the speed at which a company reacts both operationally and via the media will determine the level of risk, which in turn affects its people, the environment, assets and ultimately its reputation.

Restrata offers a global response network, managed from our Incident Management Centres (IMC), giving our clients much needed resource and expertise. Our 24-7 Emergency Control Rooms are a vital link to specialists covering for example Logistics, Planning, Media, Relative Response, HSE, Oil Spill or Situation Unit. Globally we can provide one or a team of specialist responders remotely or be on location within 48 hours subject to Visa requirements.

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