Strategic Consultancy

Engaging with clients’ leadership to help shape their security strategies as a precursor to large-scale integration or transformation initiatives.

From the inception of projects of national importance such as the creation of unified border security agencies, the streamlining of police forces or the reform of counter-terrorist units, clients leverage Restrata’s Strategic Consulting capability to:

  • Enable them to deliver consistently high quality best practice across the spectrum of their activities;
  • Inform and develop their overarching policy frameworks, stress tested against current legal and operational environments;
  • Support and facilitate major investments;
  • Address transformation and business change management needs;
  • Develop the business case and justification for major technological or human capital investments;
  • Drive enhanced organisational performance;
  • Incorporate systems of governance and review that anticipate and respond to changing circumstances and assure the ability to meet the future needs of the organisation in an effective, efficient and economically sustainable fashion.

Supported by our Senior Advisors, our Strategic Consulting teams excel in the creation, consolidation and implementation of properly structured policy frameworks and documentation that ensure the optimum integration of people, technology and physical resources.

This integration in turn enables organisations to deliver the best possible levels of efficiency and effectiveness. The formulas for integration and change management that we apply are founded on:

  • Our detailed understanding of the flow from strategy to policy to procedure, the linkages between them and how to create and maintain the documentation framework that supports them;
  • Our ability to benchmark client requirements against international best practice whilst recognising and responding to the idiosyncrasies of the specific geopolitical and local context within which the organisation operates;
  • Robust project management methodology and strong budgetary control processes;
  • Our exploitation of cutting edge technology.