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Asset and Personnel Tracking

Asset and personnel tracking can be critical to the overall success of an organization. The process and systems that form the tracking solution to monitor and maintain valuable assets for a company, often includes the practice of managing assets to achieve the greatest return, or the process of maintaining facilities to provide the best possible service to users. Equally, when it comes to tracking your personnel, there is an element of compliance in terms of duty of care. Around the globe, governments enforce health and safety policies aimed at protecting lone workers or corporate travelers. The right tracking solution could support you with not only the tracking, but also the emergency response should an incident occur.


Safe Journey Management

Many organisations recognise the importance of safe journey management but not necessarily proportionate to the risk. Driver behaviours such as speeding, not wearing seatbelts, using mobile phones, and lifestyle choices which contribute to fatigue, are the principal factors in motor vehicle crashes.

Restrata is focussed on developing integrated door to door solutions that not only monitor driver behaviour and vehicle location, but also monitor the workforce whilst away from home or base location on any journey. Integrated personnel and asset tracking and monitoring solutions are our speciality.

Safe Journey Management is a technically specialist field and risk mitigation requires a tailored approach by qualified experts with access to the latest information and technology.

Our integrated solutions incorporate procedural controls, compliance tools, monitoring technology, and behaviour based training, protecting personnel from the risks associated with all journeys. Restrata delivers results in the safety of journey management through consultancy services, training design and delivery, in vehicle monitoring systems, and 24/7 global fleet and personal monitoring services.


Driving is not only recognised as the most dangerous activity that we all regularly undertake in our daily lives, it is also regarded as the highest risk activity to company employees and assets. The need to monitor the location, performance, and safety of personnel, and to continuously measure the reliability and performance of mobile and stationary plant is critical to minimise un-necessary profit loss and most importantly protect the most valuable asset; people. Using the best in class range of Telematics equipment, Restrata is able to offer fully customised, un-surpassed peace of mind to clients.

Restrata’s subsidiary company, OBI Telematics, has unprecedented access to the latest technology, and dedicated capacity to implement best in class customised Telematics solutions, that are designed specifically to client unique requirements. A customised and specific Telematics solution enabled with a world-renowned user interface sets our Telematics solution apart from our competitors. We specialise in the value add such as 24/7 monitoring through our dedicated facilities and data interpretation services, risk profiling and behaviour or skill deficiency identification, and targeted training based on identified needs.

Restrata is proud to offer specific tailored and integrated solutions through its subsidiary company, OBI Telematics, for personnel travelling by sea, land and air. By bringing together the vehicle and personnel tracking technology, personnel on board solutions, Restrata’s Global Operations & Communications Centre (GOCC), the Business Solutions Operation Centre (BSOC) and Incident Management Centres (IMC), comprehensive solutions are tailored to meet client requirements.

Restrata offers multi-faceted technology for tracking a single vehicle or fleet, individuals or the entire workforce. Our on board computers can be connected to additional devices to enhance integrated tracking, messaging, navigation, integrated vehicle and ‘man-down’ systems, plus vehicle and engine data capture units for engine management for a complete fleet management solution. By adding the satellite communications device, using the world-leading Iridium satellite network, coverage of a fleet is guaranteed while operating outside of cellular coverage.

Our systems have adaptive reporting intelligence which allows users to analyse and make decisions across their fleet while improving fleet productivity through efficiency and reliability optimisation and improve safety performance.

Monitoring, evaluation and feedback of driver behaviour helps preserve the wellbeing of personnel and improve company safety performance. Combined with comprehensive fleet analysis this will translate into significant cost savings, more efficient utilisation, and improved reliability.

Restrata implements procedural and technology solutions for the safety and security of individuals and vehicles by customising leading fleet management software and hardware and tailored training courses to mitigate critical deficiencies.

We also design and build travel management solutions for those travelling in remote or high risk locations.

As part of the overall safe journey management Restrata offers solutions for both in vehicle and personnel monitoring.

Restrata provides personnel tracking for mobile devices within a cellular network. A monthly subscription offers critical location visibility, security functionality and communications with staff.

For more remote locations where cellular networks cannot be guaranteed, we offer satellite tracking integrated solutions for both vehicle and personnel.

Restrata offers a range of vehicle training courses, from basic driver awareness to advanced defensive driving in both practical and online e-learning platforms. Delegates are given expert training in driving skills and understanding collisions and their causes. They are also trained to deal with an incident on the road.

Our driver trainers undergo a rigorous selection process are carefully vetted and meet RoSPA standards. They qualified in emergency first aid and fully adept in dealing with emergencies, particularly in areas of operation where emergency response may be delayed or even non-existent.

Working with our partner we offer a driver risk management platform as a single-source, customisable, web-based driver risk identification, mitigation and monitoring solution. Its global coverage allows clients to deploy a consistent programme that can be tracked, managed and administered centrally, as well as locally in each market.

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