Technical Training

Our security solutions technology is manufactured according to international industry standards, and as a result, personnel responsible for operating and maintaining must have the relevant and appropriate training. Restrata provides training on all systems installed by our technicians.

We also provide certified trainers courses, which allow personnel to be able to operate technical equipment such as;

  • Access Control Systems
  • X-Ray Scanning systems
  • Explosive detection systems
  • CCTV systems

In addition, we offer bespoke, accredited packages in developing security personnel to utilise technology as part of a wider job function. These  courses cover Supervising and Managing Security Operations, Security Management and Crisis and Emergency Response.

We also offer classroom-based and practical courses within each discipline.

Read our Lukoil case study and learn more how Restrata designed and delivered a custom-made Explosive Environment Training package for 120 Lukoil employees operating in West Qurna 2, Iraq.