Atlantic Offshore Scotland Ltd continues to demonstrate its forward-thinking approach and drive towards innovation, by becoming the first Emergency Response and Rescue Vessel (ERRV) operator to appoint Restrata’s Incident Management Centre (IMC) in Aberdeen.

Supporting Atlantic Offshore’s crisis management strategy, Restrata’s ground-breaking Incident Management Centre reflects Atlantic Offshore’s commitment to the very latest in crisis management technology and procedures.


Matthew Gordon, Managing Director of Atlantic Offshore said: “Lord Cullen recently summed up the importance of incident management succinctly by saying; ‘There are dire consequences to poor preparation, substandard communication and a failure to act before things get out of hand.’

“Atlantic Offshore sees incident management as a huge responsibility; particularly as safety is our business. As ERRV operators, it is critical that we are investing in the best-possible infrastructure and incident support available.

“As the oil and gas industry is fully aware, major offshore incidents can – and do – take place in the North Sea. It is our absolute duty to both clients and personnel to ensure that we are prepared for all eventualities. By choosing to work with Restrata, we are making clear that our dedication to providing a highly effective, efficient emergency response is top of the agenda.”

Companies across multiple industries around the world rely on the 24/7/365 Incident Management Centre to help establish the necessary emergency response and crisis management arrangements to allow for the effective management of any incident.

Botan Osman, Managing Director of Restrata explained: “Incident management is a grave responsibility, one that we take seriously when organisations like Atlantic Offshore put their trust in us. Restrata is extremely proud to have been selected to support Atlantic Offshore and its clients in the North Sea.

“We recently re-launched our IMC in a new location to facilitate technology upgrades and expansion. The new centre is specifically designed to improve efficiency and provide truly effective emergency response. It incorporates our many years of experience in the region, to ensure we are best placed to assist our clients, in line with our wider ambition as a business to build resilience. We do this by mitigating safety and security risks through our consulting, training, technology and track, monitor and respond services.”

Deirdre Michie, Chief Executive of Oil & Gas UK visited Atlantic Offshore’s Ocean Osprey vessel on Friday. Commenting on the company’s approach to incident management, she said: “It was really good to see at firsthand the facilities and amazing capabilities of the Ocean Osprey. ERRVs provide a critical service to our industry which puts safe operations at the heart of all we do.”

Inclusive of Atlantic Offshore Scotland’s range of six ERRVs, the Aeogpodium AS Group currently operates a fleet of nine ERRVs and three Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs).

The Group continues to expand its capabilities within both the Norwegian and UK sector of the North Sea, providing cross-border solutions reflecting the needs of its clients.

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