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Aviation Security

Streamlined aviation security risk management solutions that enhance safety, security and efficiency of airports and airlines

Restrata has extensive experience in the implementation of risk mitigation solutions within international airport environments.

Our team has managed security and airport operations in some of the world’s largest airports, and has designed, implemented and run complex security systems using the very latest technologies.

We have provided expertise across all of the stages of airport development and operation: Master Planning, Construction and Design, ORAT, and finally Operations.

Aviation Security – Our Aim

Ultimately, our aim is always to provide aviation security risk management solutions that are streamlined to support and complement the business operations of the airports and airlines, as well as enhancing “customer experience” and throughput of those passengers using the airport facilities.

Consultancy and Design

Security Master Planning: Working with the airport operators and related national authorities, to design a security solution for the airport from the ground up.  We will ensure that the final solution meets all of the requirements of the home country aviation authority, and also those of appropriate international organisations.

Threat & Risk Assessment: Overlaying the latest threat picture provided by our Insight Services Team onto any airport environment in order to provide a detailed gap analysis on the provision of appropriate security measures to both mitigate the threat and to ensure the airport meets the required international standards.

Operational Security Audits and Studies: Measuring and testing the effectiveness of existing systems to determine scale and scope of improvements required to meet new standards set either internally, by the operator or by other regulatory authorities.

Operations and Flow Planning: Contributing to the planning of all aspects of airport operation to ensure that security considerations are met at every stage.  Leading flow planning, to ensure that passenger and vehicle flow requirements are met throughout the design and subsequent operation of the airport.

Security Master Plan

This is the conceptual stage detailing measures needed to mitigate risks and defines the development of the optimum strategy required to secure assets, business processes and people. Security Master Planning projects are flexible in nature and can address construction and/or operational stages of projects. We scale from single building facilities to large developments, new cities, ports, airports or major infrastructure projects requiring Urban Security Planning, Secure by Design (SbD) and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Elements of our Security Master Plan include:

  • Stakeholder Requirements Analysis
  • Security Master Planning for major projects or multiple sites
  • Security Approach & Strategy
  • Security Zoning
  • Operational Requirements & Protection Objectives
  • Security Design Standards
  • Strategic Security Policies
  • Business Continuity
  • Incident and Crisis Management Strategies
Operational Readiness and Transfer (ORAT)

Within the Restrata team, we have personnel who have played key roles in some of the most complex ORAT programmes ever undertaken.  Ensuring that a new airport facility is brought into live operation successfully, whether that is a new airport, a new terminal, or new areas within existing terminals, is something that requires deep technical knowledge across the full spectrum of operational airport activities.  The Restrata airports team has that expertise.

The management and implementation of necessary systems planning, training and detailed trials activities in each of the essential disciplines; Systems and Security, Terminal and Landside Operations, Airside and Ground Handling, Fire and Life Safety and Facilities Management. Of course at the heart of any successful ORAT programme is effective engagement across the whole airport community; such engagement is at the heart of the Restrata Team’s DNA.

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