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    As dawn brakes over our life support area, I am awakened not by a nice tune emitting from my alarm clock but the distant sounds of Gunfire and the low thud of I.E.D`s.

    Over the last month, Restrata has been actively working to support the UNHCR in Yemen, Somalia, Burundi, and in the last few weeks, Erbil, to name just a few.

    The training and development is focused towards supporting the driver needs when they encounter “actions on”. It can range from simple vehicle familiarisation, through to full mobilisation and practical extraction support information for “Actions On”.

    Training is always a challenge, no matter where the training is delivered, however given the dynamic security situations in this case, language and culture barriers, in order to deliver the Restrata promise requires a professional dedicated internal Restrata team from start to finish.

    All of the drivers for the UNHCR are local nationals; all with fantastic character traits and personalities to match, which really makes it a joy to conduct the training. Not to mention there unique dress sense which on occations they try to get the trainer to put on – not a sight that should been seen out at night!

    Typically, local nationals have an immense thirst and appetite to gain knowledge which leaves the combat trainer exhausted at the end of the day, however there is no swimming pool to relax in, and no bar to let off the steam, just that old friend, the computer, and a selection of reports to complete before setting the alarm clock, dusting off the body armour, and going to bed, looking forward to doing it all again in the morning.

    Our next encounter will be in Afghanistan in at the end of the month.

    Steve R.

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