How to complete more deliveries with fewer trucks

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    Online shopping has altered consumer and business expectations around standard delivery times. As a result, Carriers face increased demands to transport goods faster and more reliably to complete more deliveries than ever before.

    This, coupled with issues like driver shortages, fuel increases and roadworks or accidents causing diversions on our roads, creates an almost impossible situation for fleet operators. They must do more with less; more deliveries and miles with fewer drivers and trucks. At the same time, they must also battle the need to cut costs, comply with a host of regulations and face a range of daily hurdles that could prevent goods reaching their destination.

    A transport planning and optimization solution, can provide fleet managers in the region with the keys to dramatically reduce the time and manpower needed to plan, optimize and execute delivery routes. The right technology can bring efficiency to route mapping, and better connect every step in the workflow, whilst also integrating other services such as Digital Tyre Pressure Monitoring, Electronic Logging of hours and Temperature Monitoring.

    There are many benefits to integrated route planning which include:

    • Single interface to optimize the list of stops drivers need to complete in a given time period, taking into account vehicle dimensions, load capacity, road restrictions, hazardous materials and other configurations that may affect the route.
    • Real-time updates, including vehicle location, speed and mileage.
    • Greater insights into overall trip duration, handling and driver time and stops completed to measure against internal goals.

    For drivers, the integration not only provides turn by turn directions, offering them the same technology they’re accustomed to using off the job, but also eliminates the need for paper invoices and proof of delivery. The digitization of fleet management streamlines tedious tasks that lower job satisfaction and also helps improve driver behaviour and consequently road safety in the region.

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