Case Study: Security Consultancy – 2012
Olympics – Metropolitan Police Service,
Olympics Security Directorate

Group 887 (1)

Build a safer work 
environment today

Group 887 (1)

Build a safer work environment today

Security Consultancy – 2012 Olympics – Metropolitan Police Service, Olympics Security Directorate

Client: Metropolitan Police Service – Olympics Security Directorate
Place of performance: London, United Kingdom
Date and duration: 2010 – 2012
Value of contract: Confidential


When the UK hosted the 2012 Olympic Games, Restrata was commissioned to provide professional and technical consultancy services to the Olympic Security Directorate (OSD), a division of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). Restrata was tasked with developing and implementing specialised security systems and services for the Olympic Park and other London Olympic Venues.


In order for the project to maintain operations, Restrata designed a fully resilient network ensuring that the MPS SORs maintained connectivity with the main Olympic Park. Should both SORs have incurred failover then the local Authorities would still be sending CCTV images to the FCPs as required ensuring that situational awareness was preserved for Gold, Silver and Bronze control rooms.


Olympic CCTV Infrastructure and CCTV System Integration included:

  • Technical project management and consultancy services
  • Technical specification development and design
  • Tender management and procurement
  • Technical Project Management for installation, testing and handover
  • Security advisors for OSD, MPS and LOCOG

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