Case Study: Security Consultancy – Canary
Wharf, UK – Canary Wharf Management Ltd

Group 887 (1)

Build a safer work 
environment today

Group 887 (1)

Build a safer work environment today

Security Consultancy – Canary Wharf, UK – Canary Wharf Management Ltd

Client: Canary Wharf Management Ltd
Place of performance: Canary Wharf, London, UK
Date and duration: Jan 2011 – Feb 2012
Value of contract: Confidential


Canary Wharf is an important financial area and combined with the City of London accounts for in excess of 10% of the UK’s GDP. It is therefore vital that this area is well protected from terrorist attack and the security management team have employed Olive Group to improve their current hostile vehicle mitigation systems.


After carrying out a detailed risk and threat analysis of the site Restrata recommended that the client install a bespoke automatic detection system at the five vehicle entry points to the Canary Wharf Estate so that PAS 68 rated vehicle blockers would be automatically deployed if a hostile vehicle attempted to enter.

Several different sensor types and combinations were considered before a final configuration was agreed to be trialled in the early summer of 2011. The trial was successfully completed in August 2011.

Restrata will now run the implementation programme for the systems, including a tender for the supply of the blockers and the sensor systems Restrata have designed and proven during the trial process.

It is believed this is the only hostile vehicle detection and blocker deployment system to be designed and installed on publicly accessible roads anywhere world-wide.


  • Risk & threat Assessment Report
  • Concept Design
  • Initial Detailed Design
  • Trial Process of Hostile Vehicle Detection Sensor Concepts
  • Detailed Design Finalisation
  • Supplier Tender Process Management
  • Implementation of Project
  • Final Commissioning
  • Handover to Client

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