Case study – Consultancy Services – Dubai, UAE

Client: General Electronic MENA
Location: Dubai, UAE


With over 2000 business travelers per month throughout the MENA region, GE approached Restrata’s SecureLocate™ team with concerns around the Arab spring.

Their main issues included, where and how best to communicate and advise GE business travelers regarding the political landscape across the region. GE required a 24/7 centre that business travelers could call and seek advice from or alert GE MENA Head Office of a problem. The primary function of the facility was to track and provide travel advice to users and escalate issues to the security team with GE. Secondary, was to track individuals in high-risk environments and provide technical support 24/7.


Restrata designed and managed a multi-lingual team for GEs Operations Room and Travel Management Centre in Knowledge Village, Dubai.


Restrata’s Solutions team conducted several site visits in order to design and build the centre. Its location, in the basement of GE’s MENA Region Head Office presented some challenges, including a lack of satellite and GPS signals, as well as complex routing of fibre through the sub-basement concrete of the GE facility. In addition to the build and infrastructure challenges, Restrata was required to recruit, train and manage a multinational team, capable of speaking 5 different languages so that they could cover the complete client’s requirements. The scope also provides tracking device training as well as the SecureLocate™ tracking and monitoring application. Even with these challenges, the project was completed on time and within budget.

SecureLocate™ is one of the most advanced personnel and asset monitoring applications in the market. It provides real-time monitoring of assets anywhere in the world and provides end-users with confidence that they are being supported even in difficult and volatile environments. Restrata’s Global Operation’s and Communications Centre (GOCC), is manned by our own technical experts and is capable, if required, to provide a degree of crisis management as well as technical support 24/7.

The solution sufficiently enhanced GE’s visibility of their users, as well as operations throughout the MENA region.