Case study – Consultancy Services – UK Sea & Airports

Client: UK Home Office (National Coordinator Ports Policing – Special Branch)
Location: UK Sea ports and Airports

Restrata was appointed by the National Co-Ordinator Ports Policing to review security at 45 strategic sea ports and airports in the United Kingdom.


The project was to identify the effectiveness of the existing technologies deployed for the purposes of counter terrorism, law enforcement and border control due to the heightened terrorist threat. The review focused, on the following:

  • Automated vehicle monitoring and number plate reading (ANPR)
  • CCTV capability and relevance to current port layout, and operational need
  • Integration with other intelligence sources
  • Compliance with national strategy
  • Gap Analysis between existing and desired functionality
  • Identification of systems to be implemented to ensure high levels of performance and functionality at each site


The services delivered by Restrata included:

  • Review of existing systems and their capability
  • Evaluation against accepted national standards and presentation of options
  • Procurement Management on behalf of client and Port Operators
  • Project Management
  • Management of the integration of all remote ANPR systems into the UK Police Service national infrastructure
  • Full acceptance testing and commissioning of all the systems
  • Maintenance Contract management on a 24/7 basis across all sites