Case study – Gordon & MacPhail

Client: Gordon & MacPhail
Location: Moray, Scotland

Gordon & MacPhail approached Restrata looking to review and enhance their emergency preparedness, crisis management and security response across their various sites in Moray, Scotland. These include distilleries, lower tier COMAH and retail areas.

Gordon & MacPhail had recently developed a suite of emergency response documentation, introducing a three-tier structure encapsulating operational, tactical and strategic arrangements. This structured approach was relatively new to many in the company and required the development of bespoke training for staff who may be asked to fulfil roles in different elements of the response.

Multiple training sessions were developed and delivered on-site at Benromach Distillery aimed at each element of the response structure. The programme of activity culminated in a scenario-based desktop exercise, drawing together representatives of each element of the emergency response structure. The scenario escalated over time, allowing extended discussions on how structures would operate in practice and to further develop the understanding of the team as to their anticipated roles and responsibilities.

With the help of Restrata, Gordon & MacPhail enhanced their emergency response unit to:

  • Develop an understanding of the needs of a new client
  • Aligned training to their specific needs with scenario-based discussions aligned to likely major accident hazards described in COMAH and other plans
  • Applied existing experience in a new context to create opportunities within the training programme for participants to suggest enhancements to the process

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