Case study – Shell Iraq

Client: Shell Iraq
Location: Majnoon, Iraq

Shell Iraq approached Restrata with a need to integrate and improve their existing systems used for understanding where personnel are when on-site. As a global energy company with over 93,000 employees across 70+ countries, the objective was to improve awareness around staff location through tracking technology, specifically upon arrival into Iraq and movement to and on their concession site.

Shell’s People Logistics Unit in Majnoon, Iraq, needed more accurate information around people location on site. However, the existing systems were labour-intensive to use and were inefficient due to time lags with reporting, and not having access to complete data.

Implementing Restrata Platform enabled Shell’s People Logistics Unit to:

  • Monitor their workforce in real-time, giving the assurance of safety for each person and their rescue teams
  • Streamline existing systems and processes, including those for travel and logistics into one system
  • Save $4M over the course of one year plus additional resources by integrating systems
  • Provide a common operating picture for multiple stakeholders across the organisation
  • Increase situational awareness for security, health and safety, logistics and travel personnel

Restrata Platform enabled Shell Iraq to increase the visibility and resilience of their entire operation whilst reducing operational expenditure. By deploying applications via the platform to mobile handsets, gaps in tracking capabilities were eradicated. Previous systems such as access control, HR and people logistics were integrated successfully into a single platform, allowing more efficient, quicker, and streamlined processes.

By utilising Shell’s Iraq’s existing model, Restrata Platform provided the functionality to allow their team to gather information and share it across several sites, reducing the need to system-hop across several data sources.

The software provides a range of modules that can be tailored across a business in multiple sectors, ensuring clients know where their workforce is in real-time. When an emergency occurs it gives users the ability to organise and communicate remotely, as well as respond effectively through increased visibility.

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