132KV Live Line Electrical Training

Apr 05, 2021 11:47:53 AM

Client: Ministry of Electricity (MOE), Kurdistan
Place of performance: MOE Training Centre, Erbil 
Date and duration: March 2018
Value of contract: Confidential 


As part of a consortium, Restrata provided a specialist technical training in high voltage systems to local engineers to improve their knowledge and understanding of modern electrical transmission and distribution systems.


The two-week 132kV on-the-job training, was a combination of a theoretical and practical training, delivered by the highly experienced trainer.

Students learned how to safely fault check, isolate and maintain high voltage systems from the power plant, through substations to the end customer. Training included practical aspects during visits to the Erbil Power Plant to study control measures for hazards & safety in power generation, as well as several site visits to local substations (132kV/33kV) to better understand the permit to work on the systems and lock out, tag out measures.


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