Emergency Response Training

Apr 07, 2021 07:37:43 AM

Client: Dragon Oil  
Place of performance: Dubai, United Arab Emirates    
Date and duration: July 25th   
Value of contract: USD 11,325  


Dragon Oil Group is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with offices in Mazar-i-Sharif in Afghanistan, Cairo, Egypt and Algiers, Algeria. 

Dragon Oil’s main producing asset is the Cheleken Contract Area, located in the eastern section of the Caspian Sea. Dragon also has exploration blocks in Iraq, Algeria, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Tunisia. 


Dragon Oil requested that their emergency response plans be reviewed in relation to their Incident Management Team in Turkmenistan and their Crisis Management Team based in Dubai. Restrata reviewed the existing documents and, based on good practice observed elsewhere successfully recommended that the current processes be streamlined and consolidated into a single emergency plan to cover each of the three tiers of emergency response. Thereafter Restrata successfully rewrote this document, retaining the general principles required by the client, but weaving in good practice demonstrated by other clients in the Middle East and North Sea regions.  

Training packages were developed for delivery to the CMT and the IMT in Dubai and Turkmenistan respectively.   These were delivered over the course of a weeks by a highly experienced emergency response consultant and following completion of the training the learning was consolidated and the revised plan fully tested by a simulated exercise which tested the local and regional response to an offshore emergency, as well as the interface arrangements between the teams in Turkmenistan and Dubai.  

This exercise received extensive positive feedback, with good practice and potential improvements for further improvement being captured in a comprehensive post exercise report.   


  • Review and provide feedback on the Dragon Oil Crisis Management and Emergency Response Framework  
    • Dependent on the findings of the above review, and in consultation with Corporate HSE Manager, re-write the Dragon Oil Crisis Management and Emergency Response Framework in line with current industry best practice 
  • Develop and deliver 2 x half-day training sessions  
  • Develop and deliver an Emergency Response simulated exercise (Simex) 
  • Compile a report with feedback from the training and findings   


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