Provision of Electronic Security Systems

Mar 30, 2021 12:28:19 PM

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection System for the main Critical Areas, to provide secure and reliable means to avoid potential intruders from entering the compound​
  • Intercom/PA: to provide bidirectional emergency communication between the security in the control room and the caller. And to make general announcements to the personnel to evacuate them in time from the dangerous areas with specific instructions​
  • Video Surveillance System: to provide remote monitoring of the critical facilities​
  • Access control System: to provide secure means of granting authorised access to restricted areas​
  • Intrusion Detection System: to provide intruder alerts for critical assets in the data centre
  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation: to provide security to the site by preventing the accessibility of hostile vehicle into the main site premises (this can be provided as an optional item)​
  • Screening & Detection: to detect and prevent any unauthorized persons carrying concealed weapons & baggage carrying explosive devices from entering the site​
  • Integrated Security Management System, to provide the capability to monitor and manage all the previous subsystems from a central location and initiative an effective response in case an alarm is detected​

Security Consultancy ​- Ministry of Oil North Refineries Company – Iraq​

Access Control System​​, CCTV Surveillance System​​, Perimeter Intrusion Detection (PIDS)​​, Thermal Imaging Video Surveillance System​​, Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)​
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