Provision of Visitors Life Safety and Master Evacuation Plan

Apr 06, 2021 08:05:45 AM

Client: Binladin Contracting Group on behalf of Dubai Municipality   
Place of performance: Dubai, UAE   
Date and duration: Commenced on 12th January 2018, 29 day phased project   
Value of contract: Confidential


The construction of Dubai Safari Park started in 2012, with its opening being after the summer of 2017. Its initial opening was planned in 2016 but was pushed to 2017 due to Dubai’s intense heat, which slowed down construction and the importation of rare animals. The construction and development was carried out by Dubai Municipality in 12 phases. The safari park itself will have four separate sections: Africa, Asian and Arabic villages and an open safari. The villages will have landscape and architecture to match and contain animals from different geographical locations, as well as 200 different plant species. Dubai Safari can be considered as a green project as it’s extremely energy efficient. A section of the park was built over a landfill; which first had to be cleaned out and levelled.  


Restrata delivered the project in 4 phases (continual) using 1 highly qualified Safety and Security Consultant: 

  • Phase 1 – Consultancy Analysis 
  • Phase 2 – Design and Drawings  
  • Phase 3 – Implementation of Plan
  • Phase 4 – Validation of Plan 


Phase 1 – Consultancy Analysis 

This involved a full analysis of existing plans, detailed site visits involving onsite engagement meetings with all Stakeholders: Zoologist, Civil Defense, Site Security, Safari Planning and Operations Staff. By doing this we were able to identify a fit for purpose master plan. The end-product of this phase was a detailed analysis report identifying the exact design and drawing requirements to be put in place for the Master Evacuation Plan and identifying the required Life Safety Signage needed to be procured by Alturath Engineering. At the end of this phase we also put forward a proposal to put in place a Safari Park Crisis Management Plan with an understanding that Safety and Security goes hand in hand to provide the complete solution, to include Emergency Response Plans 

Phase 2 – Design of Master Evacuation Plan  

This phase involved a full design of the agreed Master Evacuation Plan, including drawings generated by Restrata CAD team 

Phase 3 – Implementation of Plan 

This involved full implementation of the approved design, to include overseeing Life Safety Signage set up, internal training on procedures for evacuation and actions to take 

Phase 4 – Validation of Plan 

This involved validating the Master Evacuation Plan, achieved through onsite engagement with client and customers. The aim was to assess the effectiveness of the plans through interacting with Site Staff or Paying customers, questionnaire and a live monitoring survey 

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