Security Consultancy

Apr 07, 2021 07:51:45 AM

Client: KEO  
Place of performance: Doha, Qatar   
Date and duration: February – March 2010   
Value of contract: Confidential  


The New Doha International Airport (NDIA) signifies a major capital investment by the Qatari Government to provide state of the art transport facilities for business and tourist traffic between Qatar and international airports globally. The airport has been designed to handle up to 48 million passengers per year once fully operational. 

It is imperative that such a facility is protected by a robust security regime to prevent any unauthorised access or interference to airside operations. At the same time it must provide a welcoming, safe and secure environment for the travelling public. 


Olive Group was chosen by KEO to undertake an independent technical security design review of existing systems designs for various facilities of the NDIA Project. The purpose of the design review was to validate existing design and identify areas that require security enhancements to facilitate 100% (IFC) approval.  


Security Design Requirements  

The assessment focused on the minimum security requirements that must be implemented at the NDIA Project based on ICAO standards and recommended practices and industry best practice.  

Technical Review & Recommendations 

The Security Design Review Report provided detailed assessment of the security design and proposed equipment provision. This pertained to the following key security technology sub-systems:  

  • Video surveillance system  
  • Access control system 
  • Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) 
  • Under vehicle screening  
  • Intruder detection 
  • Physical security (security barriers, gating and fencing) 

The deliverable provided key design comments supported by strategic design and operational rationale to enhance or facilitate the security strategy of the airport and for compliance with the Security Master Plan. The project was completed to satisfaction of the client, which has resulted in additional requests relating to the NDIA project.   

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