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Today’s Infrastructure Sector encompasses increasingly interconnected subsectors ranging from Energy and Utilities through to IT, Government Facilities, Banking and Finance to Transportation. 21st Century nations depend on the continuity of these essential systems and services for their survival.

The more inter-dependent these subsectors become, the more catastrophic the consequences of an accidental, natural or intentional disruption to one of them can be.

The application of smart technology is vital to infrastructure functionality but the “human factor” is equally important. Personnel represent the key asset within infrastructure networks.  However, personnel are also a potential security and safety risk, whether this relates to terrorism, industrial action or accident occurring at one key node that has a cascading effect.

Restrata’s focus on both the human and technical factors allows us to look at the entire infrastructure – hardware and personnel – and for our globally deployed consultancy, design, engineering, operational security and training teams to provide smart solutions that upgrade legacy systems and empower and protect users, maximising efficiency and mitigating risk while improving inter-agency threat detection capabilities, expediting emergency service response times, increasing safety, enhancing mobility, reducing emissions and boosting economic growth.

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