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Cyber Security

Restrata is a security FEED consultancy in the built environment. At Restrata we believe that cyber represents the most resilient and pervasive threat vector to new developments in the built environment, whether they represent critical national infrastructures or whether they be residential and leisure. Moreover, since  all security sensor and control systems are highly vulnerable to cyber attack, then it make no sense not to have a security design that is integrated into a logical and physical cyber security design.

We deliver designs and detailed specifications within the security and resilience domain which give our clients unparalleled situational awareness. Second to this is that we seek to deliver a security design which ensures our clients do not fall into a recovery mode.

To that end we seek to deliver a security design which:

  • Addresses vulnerabilities in the people, process and technology domain
  • Incorporates emergency management and site operations requirements into the security design
  • Is based on audit-able design basis risks
  • Delivers a pro-active command & control and information infrastructure as a core capability in the design
  • Addresses information management as a key capability

In offering an integrated approach to security design incorporating cyber resilience, Restrata’s key offerings in the cyber security domain are as follows:

  • Logical and physical security architectures
  • Design of pervasive network monitoring solutions – Protective Monitoring to UK Government standards – GPG13
  • Information Assurance advice and audits to IS027001 and PCI DSS
  • Specification and advice on the implementation of computerised Governance Risk and Compliance systems
  • The design of Cyber Security Operations Centres and Network Operations Centres (C-SOCs & NOCs)
  • The design and specification of technical solutions for the protection of Operational Control Systems (OCS) and SCADA systems from exploitation and attack
  • Training and work flow for C-SOC analysts

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