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Sustainers of the lifeblood of nations, Energy & Utilities suppliers – perhaps more than any other industries – cannot afford to sustain cyber or physical security breaches, accidents or natural disasters that would disrupt their continuity of service provision.

Whether the service they provide be related to water or to oil, gas, nuclear, coal or renewable energy-fuelled electrical power, the economic, societal and environmental consequences of singular or multiple disruptions at key nodes in these interconnected infrastructures or, via the digital cyber domain, to the computer networks that control them, have the potential to be as catastrophic as they are cascading in their destructive power.

Restrata’s extensive experience providing physical and cyber security solutions and services to leading Energy & Utilities sector clients has proven that promotion of robust security policies and procedures, a culture of awareness and vigilance within the workforce, rapid and streamlined communications, real-time information sharing, crisis management preparedness, and the ability to troubleshoot incidents and viruses before they spread are paramount to resilience.

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