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ExpoLink Consortium - UAE
RTA Route 2020, Dubai Metro Redline Extension

Security Consultancy

The Route 2020 Dubai Metro Extension consists of a 15km-long rail line branching off the existing Dubai Metro Red Line, of which 11.8km is above ground and 3.2km underground, including an interchange on the Red Line at Nakheel Harbour and Tower Station. The extension of the metro will have seven stations including the Nakheel Harbour interchange and the flagship metro station at the Expo 2020 exhibition site. It is a project of great technical complexity, including 3.2km of tunnel drilled by a tunnel boring machine, a 1.2km open section and nearly 11.8km of elevated track.

Design Review​
Security Threat & Risk Assessments of stations and track​
Basis of Design and Minimum Performance Requirements​
Security Design Strategy​
Void Assessment and Mitigation​
Implementation of Crime Prevention Through
Environmental Design (CPTED) and Security in Design of Stations (SIDOS) measures​

Concept Design Development​

Sub-System Design Development​

Detailed Design Development​

Pre-Installation Review and Guidance ​

Construction and Installation Supervision​

Testing and Commissioning​