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Fire Fighting

Restrata provides industrial and municipal Fire Rescue Services covering consultancy, training and the provision of mission critical equipment.
From basic risk assessments, to more complex fire system integrity assurance, and leading on to the provision of fully trained fire fighters and the required plant and equipment, we cover the full range of fire rescue services required to assure the fires and prevented, and should they occur, are responded to effectively.

Fire Risk Assessments

The first step in the fire rescue process calls for companies  to carry out fire risk assessments in order to identify risk and hazards in the workplace, and maintain the safety of all personnel.

Restrata is qualified to carry out fully detailed fire risk assessments on all operational locations. As members of associations including the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), Joint Oil Industry Fire Forum (JOIFF) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) we ensure our knowledge and assessments are kept up-to-date and relevant.

Fire System Integrity Assurance

Restrata is well placed to carry out Fire System Integrity Assurance Studies (FSIA). These identify whether fire system performance standards at design stage are still appropriate for future hazardous events. They confirm whether they have been compromised in the intervening period specifically in terms of installations, operations, training and maintenance.

Security Systems Design

Through partnerships and distributor agreements with leading manufacturers, Restrata provides a range of stress-tested, high quality Fire and Safety equipment.

These products rely on regular testing and maintenance to ensure personnel remain safe in the field. At our workshops our qualified technicians’ maintain, repair and calibrate all our safety products.

Fire & Rescue Services Recruitment & Manpower

The establishment and management of on scene Fire & Rescue services is an expensive undertaking, which requires organisations to move into areas which are not their core expertise. From selection, recruitment and training through to continued personal development of qualified firefighters, Restrata provides a cost effective solution.

Restrata offer expert trained and qualified manpower, ranging from single fire and rescue specialists to a team. These include fire investigation personnel, technicians, auditors and fire chiefs. We deliver fully managed private fire brigades. We work with clients on timescales and durations of mobilisation and deployment, including short-fixed term or long semi-permanent arrangements, to meet specific requirement and expectations.

As an example Restrata trained 50 Iraqi nationals as firefighters. They are now fully established as a brigade, which we manage, on an oilfield in Southern Iraq and we continue to train up to 100 additional recruits each year.

Fire & Rescue Service Management

Our management service allows clients to focus on their operations and competencies, while we take care of necessary overheads, accurate financial forecasting, and the transfer of risk. In regards to manpower provision, once the newly formed fire brigades have been established in-country and on concession, we provide experienced expatriate team leaders to manage them.

Fire & Rescue Service Training

Restrata offers a full range of FRS training courses for all stages, from basic fire warden training to competent advanced firefighting. All courses are delivered either on-site or at accredited training centres.

We use specialist safety equipment to support all of our training, including positive pressure ventilators, hydraulic rescue equipment, breathing apparatus and gas detection equipment.

Fire Investigation

For more information about Fire Fighting Services please call +971 (0) 4 375 1638 or email [email protected]

For more information about Fire Fighting Services please call +971 (0) 4 375 1638 or email [email protected]