David Nicholls, VP Situational Awareness & Telematics at Restrata talks on the topic of rising UAE fuel prices and how this impacts fleet operators.

UAE fuel prices hike risk fleet operator profits

In a statement at the end of September, the ministry announced the per-litre prices of Super 98 at Dh2.12 from Dh2.02 (up 4.95%); Special 95 at Dh2.01 from Dh1.90 (up 5.79%); E Plus-91 for Dh1.94 from Dh1.83 (up 6.01%). The diesel price has been fixed at Dh2.10 per litre for October, increased from Dh2 per litre in September.

For fleet operators, these price hikes have a serious impact on profits, driving the quest for improved efficiency in multiple areas of the business. Technology is being introduced as a solution in the key areas we all talk about regularly, such as increasing deliveries per vehicle, optimizing routes, improving vehicle maintenance schedule management, and of course improving safety.

Is your business prepared?

How is your business monitoring fuel usage and potentially, fuel theft? More importantly, how might your fuel be being stolen? Drivers and personnel who have access to fuel can be tempted to steal it, causing an acute problem for organisations both large and small. The inability to monitor your fuel and prevent theft can lead to significant financial loss. There a multitude of methods that can be used to steal fuel, and effectively profit at the expense of the business. However, with a few tweaks to your existing fleet management system, or the introduction of a new tool, technology can help mitigate the risk of theft.


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About Situational Awareness & Telematics at Restrata

Restrata have been successfully delivering fleet technology projects in the region for 10+ years with many of the world’s leading organizations. Through their recent partnership with Integral DMCC, Restrata technology can now be supported with a holistic approach to supply chain business process improvement, ensuring long term success for the business and an ROI on the technology investment.

Restrata is the official distribution partner of Teletrac Navman technology in the MEA region. Teletrac Navman has been at the forefront of developing technology that supports clients in the transport and logistics sector to lower operational costs and improve overall fleet management for more than 25 years.

About David Nicholls

David joined Restrata from MiX Telematics, a global NYSE-listed technology leader, where he led Sales and Marketing for the MENA Region after successfully growing the business into emerging markets. David is currently part of the prestigious and highly selective LEAD Programme at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. David started his professional career in the British Army where he served with the Rifles Infantry regiment consistently ranking in the top percentile of his peer group. At the age of twenty-four he commanded a Platoon on operations in the most volatile and highly contested part of Helmand, Afghanistan. David planned and executed the full spectrum of operations receiving two awards for excellence. After five years’ service, he left the British Army as a Captain and joined the UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory ‘Dstl’ shaping future Government technology procurement. David’s spare time is spent travelling the region or taking part in extreme events such as the Marathon des Sables ‘MdS’, the world’s toughest footrace, which he ran in 2016.

David Nicholls, VP Situational Awareness & Telematics at Restrata

David Nicholls, VP Situational Awareness & Telematics