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Incident Management Centre

An outsourced managed response capability that offers 24/7 support in a wide variety of extreme situations covering incident management and emergency response

Restrata’s continuous enhancement of a robust and flexible 24/7 Incident Management & Response capability is paramount to our clients success.

Our Incident Management & Response capability has been stress-tested repeatedly, helping our clients respond to a wide variety of extreme situations, ranging from natural disasters through to road traffic accidents, civil disorder and terrorist attacks.

Strong leadership and a rigorously rehearsed response plan make for the difference between life and death, we have therefore harnessed the best technical and human resources available in the Incident Management & Response field onto our Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence (C4i) platform – the Restrata Global Operations & Communications Centre (GOCC).

Incident Management and Response Services

The GOCC serves as the hub for all our Incident Management & Response services. Through the GOCC we are able to offer a complete outsourced response capability to an extent and standard that is unique in the private sector. We provide the following Incident Management & Response services in collaboration with our medical and aviation partners:


We initially develop an understanding of our client’s organisation and business processes to establish an ‘operational security baseline’. We do this by measuring the effectiveness of existing systems (if any) and benchmark these against agreed security performance criteria. This allows us to determine the scale of potential improvement needed to meet new objectives and standards identified jointly with the client or externally by relevant regulatory authorities.

We research and evaluate threats and vulnerabilities i.e. country, regional or industry specific threats and quantitatively measure these, determining probability and impact should these threats be realised.

We will typically conduct a SRA during the early stages of any project. This informs the subsequent security planning (conceptual, schematic and detailed security designs).  The core methodology we apply follows international standards and best practice, specifically ISO 31000:2009 Risk Framework and in instances we will utilise sector specific methodology e.g. API (American Petroleum Industry).

Elements of our Security Risk Assessment typically include:

  • Country & Regional Threat History & Assessment
  • Industry or Institutional Threat History & Assessment
  • Process Analysis
  • Asset Ranking & Critical Point Identification
  • Threat and Consequence Assessment
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Business Continuity Audit
  • Information Assurance Security Audit
  • Risk Analysis & Mitigation Planning
  • Countermeasure recommendations
  • Incident, Emergency and Crisis Management Planning
  • Crisis Communication Planning (including technical systems)
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Evacuation Escort and Support
  • Personnel and Convoy Protection
  • Asset and Facility Protection
  • Medical Support including First Line Trauma Care and Casualty Evacuation
  • Second and Third Line Trauma Care and Assistance
  • Life Support
  • Charter Aircraft
  • Primary and/or Secondary Crisis Management using the GOCC as the hub
  • Asset Tracking
  • Communications
  • Re-Entry Planning, Risk Review and Reconnaissance
  • Intelligence and Liaison
  • Advance Party Protector

Combining dedicated purpose-built facilities with response teams, our Incident Management Centres (IMCs) bring the latest technology and a unique range of services to deliver tailored emergency response. By offering a range of membership options Restrata is able to cater for all needs; from simple back-up facilities through to a full emergency response with experienced specialist staff.

Our 24-7 Emergency Control Rooms oversee all rotas and callouts. Within an hour of callout Restrata activates a full Incident Management Team plus relative and media responders in situ to manage the flow of information.

Retained Services

Restrata provides HSE professionals, emergency responders (Fire & Rescue and Incident Management/Business Support), training consultants, trainers, assessors and those who can develop in-house training teams.

Professional Placements

Across Restrata’s service lines we are able to offer skilled and experienced resource to support our clients on a full or part-time basis at their offices or assets to cover recruitment, absences or project requirements.

Global Response Services

When an incident happens the speed at which a company reacts both operationally and via the media will determine the level of risk, which in turn affects its people, the environment, assets and ultimately its reputation.

Restrata offers a global response network, managed from our Incident Management Centres (IMC), giving our clients much needed resource and expertise. Our 24-7 Emergency Control Rooms are a vital link to specialists covering for example Logistics, Planning, Media, Relative Response, HSE, Oil Spill or Situation Unit. Globally we can provide one or a team of specialist responders remotely or be on location within 48 hours subject to Visa requirements.

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