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Our Internship Program

Restrata takes great pride in our ability to attract, recruit and develop world class talent. Our internship programs cover our full range of services, offering positions in functional areas including finance, legal, HR, sales and marketing, through to security consultancy, workforce development, research and technical roles. We also offer positions across our various office locations around the globe, equipping candidates with international experience.

All interns are mentored by an employee who can share personal experience in the industry and oversee the learning experience. At the end of the program, interns should have a significant list of accomplishments to add to their resume, which will set them apart from other candidates in their field. As an organisation we are also proud of the rate at which we retain interns in permanent roles once the internship program has been completed.

Our dedication to knowledge transfer to those just setting out on their career journey exemplifies our commitment to premier talent acquisition and supporting individuals in finding their niche.

If you are aged 18-25 and currently studying for a degree in a Health Safety Security and Environment related field then we would like to hear from you.

We also hire interns across our business support functions so if you are studying a Finance, HR, Commercial, Legal, IT or Marketing related degree and think you fit the profile we are looking for then we would also like to hear from you.

We don’t have any internship vacancy available currently, but please send a general inquiry with your CV to hr@restrata.com and tell us what you would bring to our organization and we will contact you if any new opportunity becomes available.

Current Interns

“Working at Restrata has been a wonderful learning experience for me so far. The multitude of tasks are seldom repetitive, with new challenges arising every day. I am learning a lot here, one key area being in regards to time management. My mentors, Mike, Nibin and Deepu – have been very patient and understanding, guiding me as I learn to do various tasks. The staff here in general are also very friendly and welcoming.”

Janet Paul, Finance Intern, Joined on October 9th 2017

Janet completed a BCom degree, majoring in Accounting in the University of Wollongong in Dubai, and graduating as the top grad for 2017. In addition, she holds a diploma in management accounting by CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants).

Current tasks revolve around timesheet reports that help to analyze the cost and profitability of various projects at Restrata. There are also tasks related to payroll of contractors, reallocation of costs, variance analysis and amortization of expenses on a monthly basis.

Born in Dubai, she is originally from Kerala, and has previously interned as a management consultancy intern at KPMG.

Internships success stories

“Working at the BSOC in Iraq has provided me with a fantastic opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge base alongside a team of accomplished industry professionals. Their support has helped to make my employment in this dynamic, complex and often challenging environment a truly rewarding experience, and I look forward to assisting future Research Analysts coming through our programme.”

Cameron Cowie, Deputy Insight Manager

Having earnt a Master’s Degree in Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies and with experience in the UK and Egypt, Cameron Cowie joined Restrata’s Business Solutions Operations Centre (BSOC), enrolling in our unique Research Analyst programme and took the opportunity to work alongside our team of in country specialists.

Cameron was able to quickly build his knowledge of the challenges facing our clients in Iraq, gaining first-hand experience in country. Graduating from the Research Analyst programme, Cameron chose to remain with the BSOC, accepting the position of Senior Insight Analyst.

Becoming an intrinsic part of the team, and rising through the BSOC Insight structure, Cameron was appointed Deputy Insight Manager in November, where he will be responsible for the training and mentorship of newly appointed research analysts, along with core business delivery.

“A friendly and supportive environment has always been a motivator for me to work harder and better. Thanking my wonderful team, Jen, Steve and Will for always being patient & supportive while I learn on the go. They are a huge part of why I love working here at Restrata.

The time I’ve been here had taught me so much in terms of how different areas of the company operate individually and collectively, allowing me to apply the knowledge I gained academically into practise and learn something new altogether on the job, with freedom to do so and support from colleagues.”

Annestricia Jayawardana, Project Coordinator

Annestricia initially joined Restrata as an intern in the Workforce Development team, and immediately made her mark by picking up the typical tedious jobs that most of us try to avoid, principally focusing on re-structuring the Training Management System, and the development of the SharePoint site.

At an early stage, it became apparent that she displayed a rare ability to grasp information from a wide spread of topics within the company service offerings and was capable of delivering on multiple tasks given within the deadlines set.

As a result, Annestricia was given a fulltime role within the business as the Business Systems Coordinator, focusing on Process Improvement, and development of the Integrated Management System. She also remains a Project Coordinator for WFD.