Botan Osman, Restrata’s Kurdistan Country Director was interviewed by “The Kurdistan Review” magazine.

Botan shared insight into how the Region’s security technology landscape is changing and developing, and predicts significant future growth and opportunity in the sector.

Company Focus for Kurdistan

Overall one of the key sectors that we focus on in Kurdistan is the Oil and Gas industry, and we believe that technology and safety solutions can help in making the Region a safer and more secure place to live, work and do business.

We want to allow the international oil and gas companies to forget about external security challenges and risks and instead focus on their core business of drilling and production.

Health and Safety

The health and safety industry is another key focus area for us as we believe the development of the national workforce will be paramount in the long term sustainability of industry in the Region.

We are developing health and safety courses in Kurdish and employ interpreters and translators trained in HSSE.

Regional Challenges

The most notable challenge is that of security. Vigilince is key and Restrata attempts to support companies active in the Region with technology and expertise that may have previously been unavailable which helps facilitate an improvement in the security environment.

Our Focus

Training the local workforce remains a focus for us, and supporting IOC’s as they attempt to set out matrices and training programmes to engage and develop Kurdish nationals.

IT Solutions for Efficiency

The Ras Laffan Port in Qatarprovides a useful case study from Restrata – we established comprehensive security systems in the port, the largest gas export port in the world, which was a $170 million project. We established access control from the moment people arrived at the port, using cards as well as CCTV cameras to maintain perfect control over where everyone is situation within the facility.

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