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The Leisure industry is key to the economic diversification of many countries within the Middle East and Africa. However, terrorism and cyber crime are pervasive threats that are rising to such levels as to threaten the viability of certain countries as tourist destinations. It is Restrata’s view that all hotel operators and owners of leisure facilities need to adopt an active stance in developing security design and in integrating emergency planning and building operations management into the security design. The Restrata approach is to work with site operators in this domain and look to deliver rapid improvements in the following capability domains:

  • Situational Awareness
  • Incident management
  • Mission planning and incident response training and rehearsals
  • Business continuity
  • Cyber intelligence and cyber security
  • Command and control
  • Stand off threat detection
  • The use of Safe Havens
  • Crowd dynamics and evacuation strategies

Restrata has a profound understanding of the value drivers in this sector, and understand the need to provide a safe and secure environment for their client’s guests, but within a security design which whilst not obtrusive provides active defense for customers and the tools to interdict and prevent threats.

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