On the 8th November, Cory Fee, General Manager of our OBI Telematics solution, joined a panel of experts at the Leaders in Logistics Summit, organised by ArabianSupplyChain.com and held at Grosvenor House in Dubai Marina.


Recognising Opportunities in the Logistics Sector

In today’s highly uncertain economic climate, recognising opportunities and potential risks that individual markets present is even more important. The fifth annual summit aimed to provide a platform from which attendees could examine where the next areas of growth may lie, and ultimately learn how to position their company to capitalise on this growth.

The event saw 26 experts in the field speak about the ongoing effort to diversify the economy of the region, with discussions around how major infrastructure developments might impact logistics

Program highlights included:

  • Regional Logistics & Supply Chain Overview
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – A Trend on the Rise
  • Disruptive Technologies & Their Impact on the Supply Chain & Logistics Industry
  • The Middle East Pharmaceutical Market – Opportunities & Challenges
  • Automation to Drive Efficiency in Operations
  • Fleet Telematics
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Cory participated in the panel discussion about fleet telematics, sharing his expertise with an eager audience. Whether it’s cutting down on fuel costs or keeping tabs on driver performance, the benefits of telematics have been well documented of late, and the region has a growing awareness of fleet management solutions, and an appetite to invest in a product to achieve results.

Technology in not a Panacea

One of the key messages Cory was keen to deliver was that technology alone is not enough. He told the audience:

“When selecting a telematics provider, you must ensure that they have an understanding of your industry and your specific business requirements. If they fully understand your goals, they can support you with implementing the technology and processes to achieve them.”

panel_161-leaders-in-logistics-cory-feeCory also explained that installation and implementation are not the same thing, and businesses who have tried and failed to set up a successful telematics system in the past were probably not supported with a full implementation program. He continued:

“Technology is not a panacea. Technology to improve safety, reliability & efficiency requires the right supporting processes, and a team of motivated staff ready to engage with change.”

Cory was also asked what to look for in a potential telematics solutions provider. He recommended asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do they know your business and specific sector?
  • Do they have experience with similar business in the region?
  • Do they offer a full consultative approach to ensure the right processes are set up and staff are trained to implement them?
  • Do they have servers located in the region or close by?
  • Can the devices be de-bugged and configured including full firmware update/upgrade OTA?