On Friday 30th September, Will Follett, Vice President of Workforce Development at Restrata spoke at an event in Uzbekistan, organised by Lukoil.

Development of Local Nationals

Will spoke to attendees about the longstanding relationship between Restrata and Lukoil, and their commitment to delivering training to local nationals in Uzbekistan and beyond.

He also stressed the importance of working on both sides of the risk bow tie, with the aim of  reducing risk to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) to ensure that any residual risk is properly managed, with any incidents (should they occur), being responded to effectively. He told the audience that this ultimately minimizes the likelihood of harm to people, environment and business – whether in highly regulated environments or remote and challenging environments.



Commitment to Development

Will shared statistics that highlighted Restrata’s commitment to the delivery of training to local nationals on behalf of international companies operating in emerging markets.

“Restrata has delivered training to local nationals in over 30 countries in the last 5 years, equating to courses delivered to more than 6000 personnel. Leadership development is fundamental for progression of an individual and to allow them to be fast tracked into managerial positions.”

Long Term Benefits for Uzbekistan

Later in his presentation, will stressed the importance of a full training program, delivered to affect behavioral change. Training alone is not enough to manifest a long term benefit, and therefore training, assessment, review, coaching, mentoring should all be part of ongoing development for local nationals in Uzbekistan.

Developments in Training

Will recently gave an interview to the Iraq British Business Council (IBBC), in which he discussed developments in training for the national workforce. You can read the full interview here. In addition, Will is set to speak at the IBBC Autumn Conference held in Dubai on Sunday 6th November. Find out more about the event here.