On 25-26 October 2016, Restrata exhibited at the MENA Mining Show in Dubai. The event is the biggest mining conference and exhibition in the Middle East also covering Africa, Central & South Asia.



Supporting the Mining Sector

From exploration and investment opportunities to best practice methods and practical examples of technology and machinery for operating mining companies, The Mining Show is a catalyst of innovation for the mining sector.

Whilst at the event, Restrata ran a demo of our tailored solution that lends itself to supporting those managing a mixed fleet in the mining sector. The solution enables fleet managers to optimise their operations, improving site safety and vehicle maintenance, and ultimately having a positive impact on the bottom line.

The Mixed Fleet Struggle

Until quite recently, fleet asset management was a struggle for those operating in a mixed fleet environment like the mining sector. This was largely due to the limitations of the asset tracking technology available, which was unable to consolidate data from different makes and models of machinery, with the majority of major OEM’s having their own telematics system, website, method of reporting data and more often than not, no method by which data could be consolidated or exported to an external application.

In addition, the existing portfolio of third-party Telematics platforms developed to track machinery produced yet more data that could not be integrated with data obtained from the pre-fitted manufacturer devices.

Collecting data for analysis of operational efficiency is only one contributing factor to cost savings associated with efficient operation, improved safety performance and scheduled/preventative maintenance also ultimately translate into time and money savings. Without analysis and subsequent changes in the management of a fleet, efficiencies cannot materialize.

In the Middle East and North Africa, mining operators face the ongoing challenge of underutilized assets, resulting in wasted capital and higher operating costs. Investing in the right technology that doesn’t just collect data, but analyses it to facilitate constructive business decisions, has never been more important in the fight to direct money back to the bottom line.

The Restrata Solution

Our solution fills the gap between data collection and analysis, allowing telematics data from both OEM and third-party systems to flow into a single business intelligence portal.

The system, Qtanium Connect, is supplied by Teletrac Navman, an Illinois based Company who have exclusively partnered with Restrata to supply the solution in the Middle East and North Africa. The partnership intends to combine Restrata’s OBI Telematics solution and regional expertise, with the products developed by Teletrac Navman, which are already improving the usability of mixed fleet asset management across the globe.

Such a solution provides an easy to use, one-stop management tool covering multi-branded equipment fleets, allowing access to consolidated machine data like machine identification, current location, hours of operation, unified production reporting, utlisation, fuel consumption, odometer readings and distance traveled.

With the solution in place, the fleet manager is able to see the physical location of every piece of equipment regardless of type or brand, plus valuable information about utilization, real-time production haul cycles, preventative maintenance schedules, and site activity on a single screen that provides both the bigger picture and drill down capabilities.

The ability to drill down into this data allows access to information across the entire fleet, not just by site. Questions like “how much fuel was consumed per site and what was the performance and budget by comparison” can now be answered, helping the business identify poor performing sites or machines that affect the bottom line.

Qtanium Connect can also integrate with existing software used in the business, meaning data can be used for maintenance planning and scheduling, job costing, production output and other purposes, which supports the process of evaluating operations as a whole to improve productivity and site profitability.

This new tool goes beyond the realm of telematics. Data can be imported from almost any equipment-related application, not only eliminating the need to check those sources on an individual basis which saves a great deal of time, but also enabling that data, combined with telematics metrics, to produce new insights on costs and performance.

Unifying all of this data in one portal has produced an opportunity for both ‘rolled up’ reporting and site-by-site performance comparisons leading to smarter asset management and informed decision making.  Adoption of a smart Telematics solution such as Qtanium Connect will not only translate into a rapid return on investment, but also generate measurable cost savings across your operations.

If reducing costs is of interest to you, you can find out more about the solution and the technology behind it here