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Mixed Use Facilities

A key security design vertical for Restrata has always been new Mixed Use Developments. Restrata look to provide a full design life-cycle security FEED service for new mixed use developments. We work with architects and multi-disciplinary designers to develop a secure by design approach which focuses on the following:

  • Understanding the clients risk appetite and agreeing with them ‘design basis risks’
  • Security masterplanning – which looks to integrate emergency management and operations management into the security system design
  • Development of security system design guides at the Concept Stage, in order to ensure early engagement and improved coordination with other key design disciplines
  • Early development of security value engineering options
  • Development of logical cyber security designs coordinated with the development of the overall security design brief
  • The production of logical designs and performance specifications for command and control capabilities that are integrated with Building Management Systems
  • A strong emphasis on counter terrorism design – especially blast engineering, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) and chemical and biological agent mitigation
  • Traffic and transport planning

Our design intent is to develop a security design that is cost effective to implement and which can provide full situational awareness to control room and operational staff.

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