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Stability and security is the key to continued growth and prosperity; these can only be maintained if security authorities have a clear picture of what is happening in the country, and if necessary, have the means to direct the necessary activities to counter potentially de-stabilising activities.

A National Security Agency System will provide a centralised means of proactive intelligence gathering and monitoring for individual cities or a nationalised system.  The elements of the system will provide support to prevent, detect and protect all levels of criminality: from local crime and disorder to serious and organised crime nationally and internationally, including threats to national security.

The National Security Agency System must also provide centralised information for the monitoring and co-ordination of daily operations such as information collation and dissemination, routing of emergency vehicles and planning for key events.

The key to a successful national security technology implementation is that it dovetails with security best practice already in place, both operationally and with existing technologies and processes.

The infrastructure required comprises some key elements:

  • Physical security measures to protect its borders, overlaid with sensors to enable surveillance and intelligent reconnaissance
  • A command and control hub and network of control centres;
  • Tools and sensors for gathering information;
  • Secure communications networks, to pass data and to enable command and control;
  • Data Fusion, making sense of the information gathered, and creating a genuine decision support tool.
  • At the heart of the solution is the ‘intelligent use of intelligence’;
  • Threat detection means, to screen for threats at critical points in the national infrastructure

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