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National Security Agencies

Providers of the armed forces necessary to defend their nations’ interests both at home and overseas, defence agencies must anticipate, intercept and overcome an increasingly asymmetric, complicated and lethal array of threats to national security.

Land, sea, air and space – these are the territorial realms in which defence agencies have traditionally had to prevail. However, the advent of the Internet has added a fifth dimension: the cyber realm, within which adversaries are leant more speed, unpredictability, diffusion, power and the added advantage of anonymity. This new reality of warfare compels defence agencies to be ever more tech-savvy, more agile, more integrated with the public sector and with their MoI/NSA and Police counterparts and more reliant on ‘real-time’ alerting capabilities in their approach to national security and counter-terrorism.

Against this strategic backdrop, Restrata helps leading governmental defence agencies upgrade and enhance their human and technical intelligence networks, their critical national infrastructure protection capabilities and their crisis management preparedness – attributes that have arguably come to surpass conventional military might in their contribution to national security. Through completing many high level consulting, leadership development and specialist training assignments and by successfully designing, delivering and managing large-scale defence system integration and transformation initiatives, we are proud to have proven our worth as a trusted partner.

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