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Oil Fields

Enablers of the upstream industry, OFS companies’ need for seamless Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) and life support is greater now than ever. This is largely because the global financial crisis has prompted their International and National Oil Company clients to steer their investment portfolios towards hydrocarbon-rich territories wherein the exploration and production costs per barrel remain low, the majority of which are situated in challenging environments of the Middle East and Africa.

Gaining support for projects from rival tribes, close liaison with local security forces, establishing a deep risk monitoring capability, executive protection, clearing minefields, HSE and high risk environment training, provision of safe and secure accommodation for expanding workforces – these are the type of peripheral objectives OFS routinely have to meet against tight deadlines in order to achieve their core business objectives.

Outsourcing meeting these requirements to Restrata has helped many of the world’s leading OFS companies to retain their premier positions in highly competitive and complex emerging markets.

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