Chris St. George

Chris has been the co-founder and Chairman of Restrata since its inception in 2006.  He is an investor, entrepreneur and business operator with a 20-year track record of building businesses and creating shareholder value. He has delivered consistent and high returns operating in some of the world’s most challenging emerging markets and complex sectors. Throughout his business career he has focused on creating the right culture and operational systems for successful growth.

Chris was previously the co-founder of Olive Group in 2001, where he was Managing Director and later Co-Chairman.  Chris oversaw the strategy and expansion of the business, which grew to 5,000 staff across 30 countries before its merger with Constellis. Chris was a Board Member and Shareholder of Constellis prior to its sale to Apollo in 2016. 

Before entering business, Chris was an officer in the British Army, serving with the Coldstream Guards and Parachute Regiment on operations and training roles in the Balkans, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Northern Ireland.

Chris attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where he received the Sword of Honour in 1992 and the United Nations Joint Force Commander’s Commendation for service in Bosnia in 1994.  

Chris is a supporter of military veterans’ charities and is Chairman of the Fundraising Advisory Group for Ruth Strauss Foundation.  

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