Situational Awareness and Telematics provider Restrata has signed an agreement with Integral DMCC, a consultancy company specialising in Management Consultancy Services and Project Management for the Transport and Logistics sector.

Road safety enforcement

In the UAE, the Logistics and Transport industry is under pressure to comply with a government drive for improved safety on road. At a recent briefing event hosted by Restrata in Dubai, David Nicholls, VP of Situational Awareness and Telematics at Restrata, said: “In 2016 the number of deaths on UAE roads rose from 675 in 2015 to 725, representing 5.5 deaths per every 100,000 people. The Government aims to reduce this to 3 by 2021.”

There has been a movement towards the implementation of new legislation in recent month, affecting both businesses and the public alike, which encourages those in the transport and logistics sector to take a more proactive role in encouraging “good” driver behaviour, such as wearing a seatbelt, staying within the speed limits, routinely checking vehicle maintenance and now tyre pressure monitoring.

Joined effort for improved transport and logistics industry

SA&T_Integral & Restrata

The partnerships aims to address a range of growing challenges within the logistics and supply chain sector and have already on-boarded the first joint client in the UAE. These include government initiatives to tackle road deaths, including both general and commercial vehicle specific legislation, as well as the impact of rising fuel prices in the UAE and wider region.

David Nicholls explained: “Margareta AbuRas and her team at Integral have a wealth of experience spanning 20+ years in the Middle East Supply Chain market. Integral are renowned for their innovative approach to delivering improvements in business efficiency. OBI Telematics, a Restrata solution, houses the regions most advanced supply chain telematics technology. When you look at the two businesses, both at the tip of the innovation spear, the synergy is obvious. We have already on-boarded our first joint client in the UAE and extremely excited about our combined prospects for the future”.

About Restrata

Restrata offers its own fleet telematics solutions and strives to address today’s needs for increased asset visibility, allowing better analysis of business performance and the ability to predict trends to unlock greater efficiency across the entire fleet. The solutions also support improvements in driver behaviour to impact efficiency and safety, and as part of their holistic approach, Restrata can also support with driver training programs.

Restrata is the official distribution partner of Teletrac Navman technology in the MEA region. Teletrac Navman has been at the forefront of developing technology that supports clients in the transport and logistics sector to lower operational costs and improve overall fleet management for more than 25 years.

About Integral DMCC

Integral DMCC was established in 2007 with the aim of implementing projects, from consultancy to staff training, with its own resources. It integrates solutions based on client needs and combines its own software development capabilities with strategic, global vendor partnerships.


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