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Local Control


Seamless Access

Robust workforce safety, tracing, emergency and crisis management for managing real time, hyper-localised duty of care, seamlessly scaling from localised events, hostile environments, ongoing situations, to major incidents.

Monitor where your people are in real-time – whether they are on site, remote or travelling anywhere on the globe. Manage your essential procedures for mustering, evacuation, quarantine and isolation, lone workers, assistance, visitors and travel – all in one place.

The Restrata Platform is your single, comprehensive, secure source to manage your workforce location and safety, within an operations control centre, working remotely or when on the move. The platform delivers this using a blend of core features and optional services.

Restrata Platform Modules

Integrated modules operating across your organisation, HR, Security, Safety, Operations and ultimately the CEO.

People & Identity

People & Identity

Model the structure of your global business assets and sites within the Restrata Platform for visibility to know if where your workforce is and whether they are safe.

Site, Zone & Global

Site, Zone & Global

Detail your work locations, facilities and assembly points within the Restrata Platform to provide global or local monitoring and activities conveying staff movements during an incident or the day-to-day transfers.

Travel & Trips

Travel & Trips

Manage and ensure safe transit of your workforce as they travel on and off your sites globally. Manage localised transportation for safe transfer, so that they can identify and locate each traveller from pick up to drop off.

Visitor management


Manage from a request to visit, the process to authorise, validate the individual’s identity and documents upon arrival, to assigning access cards to enter and exit your sites.



Manage cross site mustering from your operations centre from the Restrata Platform, and on site at your assembly points with the and Restrata Mobile Application. Maintain a global and local view to progress of each muster as individuals check in or require assistance. Review historic musters for auditing and streamlining your muster procedures.



Manage the end to end evacuation of your workforce following a predefined plan or edit each step on the fly. Maintain a global and local view of evacuations and monitor progress on movement of individuals step by step against each plan.



Deliver timely and considered messages to your workforce via Email, SMS and mobile app push notifications.

Lone Worker

Lone Worker

Monitor your global workforce whether they are on site, travelling, visitors or working remotely in potentially hostile locations. Receive alerts within your operations control centre or notifications when you are on the move. Post messages to your global operations team, or teams focusing on geographies or specific sites.

COVID-19 Safe

COVID-19 Safe

Manage multiple programmes to outline quarantine programme constraints, isolation restrictions and procedures when breached. Assign individuals to programmes, manage wearable tracking devices, and install the Restrata Quarantine App to monitor and guide individuals during their self-isolation.


COVID SAFE modules powered by the Restrata Platform enabling your return and continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Contact Tracing

Real-time & historic trail of contact interactions


Capacity Limits

Manage capacity limits across facility or in specific zones


Social Distancing

Real-Time & historic social distancing event management



Employee app to manage self isolation programme


Zone management

Manage permissions to specified zones & groups


Mass Comms & Alerts

Message and alert entire workforce to influence behaviour

Value proposition for the COVID SAFE modules

Employee/safety customer & confidence in returning to site

Get back to business & restore productivity

Assure social distancing compliance

Monitor Performance of
re-opening policies

Real-time and historic Contact Tracing

Digital & proven regulatory

Unified cloud interface for
multiple sites

Behaviour improvement via real-time feedback

Operational efficiency

Complete visibility

  • Gain complete visibility across a centralized platform

  • Manage challenges with a standardized approach increasing employees’ safety

  • Get visibility to data such as mustering, working hours, dining etc.

  • Focus on proportionate response strategies

Travel tracking

Always connected

  • Achieve efficiencies in pick-ups and drop-offs with real time monitoring across staff

  • Manage arrivals and travelers to sites around the world

  • Stay connected using your mobile device

  • Link to personal tracking devices and apps

Focused implementation

Efficient scalability

  • Inexpensive to set up with integrations into current systems (hardware & software)

  • Avoid costly capital investment into ACS for temporary sites

  • Standalone hardware, easily activated and integrated

  • Achieve easy scalability with a global platform

Clear cost reductions

  • Reduce man hours of musters, evacuations and data capture

  • Reduce time to reconcile man hours of contractors on site with

    automated data readily available

  • Managing predictive POB across sites

The Restrata Platform integrates real-time data from IoT sensors, Tracking & Access Control Infrastructure, Travel Management and HR. Combined with the scalability of the Restrata mobile app, providing a unified operating picture of your people, assets and environment.

Know exactly who is where, both locally and globally

Know exactly who is expected & identify traveller no-show

Design & manage evacuations in real-time.

Minimise downtime & achieve cost savings

Offers a unified identification for each person allowing seamless access across the globe

Maintain constant flow of critical information & alerts through integrated mass & crisis communications

Manage planned and unplanned mustering ensuring improved performance and live data to know who is safe and who needs help

Assure Safety, Security & proactive Incident response

England and Wales Cricket Board

Managing and monitoring biosecurity across venues for the return of test cricket

Restrata has been hired by the ECB to manage and monitor biosecurity for the return of Test cricket. Restrata’s security & safety management platform including its newly introduced COVID SAFE Modules has been employed at the Ageas Bowl (Southampton) and Emirates Old Trafford cricket grounds for the #raisethebat Test series between England and West Indies. 

Restrata has enabled the ECB to manage social distancing and people movement within the venues and provided a ‘Track and Trace’ capability to manage suspected outbreaks of C-19 within the Test match environment. 

We are in discussions with other sports bodies and venues to help get fans and people safely back into stadiums and build confidence in the return of live sport as the Pandemic eases.   


Serica Energy

Serica Energy is the first to join the digital safety revolution by adopting the Restrata Platform

Chayong Borisuitsawat

EVP, Engineering & Dev. Grp., PTTEP

Engr. Sarki Auwalu

Assistant Director, Department of Petroleum Resources

Srinivas Badithela

Senior Analyst Business Excellence

Omar Al Ali

Team Lead Security, ADNOC Offshore

Cloud born, mobile ready, scalable.

Restrata Platform is designed to manage thousands of sites and millions of people across the globe.

Restrata Platform

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