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Gateways of international trade and transportation, nations survive and compete in the globalised economy via the sea. By the same token, port deficits, shutdowns or service interruptions can choke a nation, leading to billions of dollars of losses. This renders them exceptionally vulnerable to man-made and natural disruptions and makes them attractive, high-impact targets for attack.

Security, safety, sustainability, immigration regulation, efficiency, workforce training and management, throughput, crowd control, capacity and crisis management preparedness – these are critical, interrelated issues that border agencies and their port operator partners need to continuously address to safeguard ports, avoid gridlock and improve cross-border transportation.

Against this background, Restrata works with the developers and operators of some of the world’s busiest and most prestigious ports on major integration, terminal expansion and transformation initiatives. We help clients balance implementation of adequate safety and security requirements, with the needs of the travelling public, transport providers, on-site workforces and the costs of implementing the required infrastructure. Striking the right balance requires a profound and prescient knowledge of the port security environments, of emergent technologies, of the regulatory frameworks and of the needs of those organisations that use the port as their place of operation. Mitigation of security and safety risks is key but so too is mitigation of any negative operational impact that implementation may have.

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