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Rail Networks

Transportation utilisation is increasing at a robust pace globally. Associated capacity, security, safety and environmental challenges are intensifying. Governments face a pressing need to address these concerns by investing in effective and affordable high-technology solutions that proactively prevent crime and terrorism, expedite emergency service response times, increase safety, enhance mobility and ease of travel, reduce emissions and boost economic growth.

To meet this complex need, Restrata has pioneered Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) projects around the world. From Europe to the Middle East, our systems have been implemented in national command and control strategies, and as security and throughput solutions at industrial mega-sites, airports, ports and land border crossing points.

The types of ITS-related systems we integrate include: intelligent visual systems and software; Asset and Radio Frequency Identification Tagging Systems; Intelligent data fusion and analysis solutions and Control Rooms (interface and integration). Each system is a specific mix of surveillance, data capture, command, control and management technologies that equips legitimate actors – commuters, infrastructure operators, law enforcement agencies, the traffic throughput technology itself – with timely and accurate information and actionable intelligence, empowering them to individually and collectively maximise the operational performance of the transportation network.

Our ITS solutions deliver:

  • Improved utilisation of strategic transport infrastructure with significant positive impact on the environment, quality of life, economic growth and prosperity;
  • Real time information provision to travellers through Short Message Service (SMS), web, email and Voice Message Service (VMS);
  • Seamless information collation and sharing across intermodal transport hubs;
  • Improved transport safety and security;
  • Improved traffic control enabling major costs savings in maintenance and avoidance of unnecessary expansion of capacity;
  • Improved law enforcement through better detection of traffic violations;
  • Innovative funding options through deployment of technology;
  • Alignment and compliance with transportation network infrastructure master plans.

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