Emergency, Crisis and Continuity Preparedness From Home

Given the current restrictions and elevated risk with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Restrata have successfully designed and facilitated a range of exercises and training with up to date content to reflect the current challenges. This regular testing ensures response plans are up to date and response teams are suitably prepared to protect your people, asset and environments.

Emergency, Crisis and Continuity Preparedness services from Home include:

Remote Tabletop and Simulated Exercises

Ensure your response teams can utilise a process and systems to achieve a high level response remotely, protect them from risk by remaining compliant to social distancing rules. Learn more here

Remote Family Liaison Representative Training

Train and help staff to carry out the difficult task of Family Liaison Representative, following an injury or fatality to a member of staff.

Remote Relative Responder Training

Support your teams to provide information to relatives in the event of an incident. Learn more here

BEIS OPEP Level 2 and Level 3 Training

Ensure your response teams qualifications remain in certification.

Business Continuity Sessions

Leverage our tabletop assessment and review of business continuity plans, effectiveness of approaches and forward planning. Learn more here

Emergency Response From Home

With the energy sector considered by many to be key in powering the nation, Restrata’s Global Operations Control Centres remain open and operational 24/7/365. With many companies having to enact their business continuity plans and close offices, Restrata can provide flexible outsourced Monitoring & Response services to manage a variety of critical processes to on your organisations behalf. Protecting the safety of your people, assets and environment during current restrictions.

24/7/365 Control Room

Emergency Number, Alert and Escalation Service.

Incident Management Services

Delivered with response teams using the facility or remotely with teams responding from home. Read more

Relative and Media response Services

Offered with appropriate social distancing using our facilities or remotely with teams responding from home. Read more

Meet and Greet / Evacuee Reception Centre Provision

Operating in line with up to date OGUK and EPOL guidance. Read more

Onshore Radar Early Warning Systems (REWS) Monitoring

Control Room staffed to provide onshore monitoring and escalation of marine activity in the vicinity of offshore assets. Read more


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Thank you for facilitating the exercise in this format.  It has provided me with the confidence that we can use this model in a real incident during the COVID-19 restrictions”.

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