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COVID-19 Quarantine Tracking and Management System

A quarantine tracking management system to help in the battle against Coronavirus

COVID-19 Pandemic is both a global & local challenge. Immediate challenge is containing the spread, flattening the curve and saving lives. Those displaying symptoms (e.g. increase temperature, dry cough) need to be isolated. This could be with or without undergoing a Covid-19 test.

Restrata’s CV19 provides a solution to ensure individuals requiring isolation can be tracked and monitored in real-time, therefore enhancing the safety of communities, regions and countries by containing the spread. The software live tracks the patients who are in home quarantine and those who have tested positive.

Specifically built to support Governments, healthcare authorities and service management companies, CV19 enables more efficient and direct communication to individuals and allows for immediate, actionable response if individuals are not conforming to quarantine protocols.

A proactive, measured, containment technology to help save lives:

Providing real-time operating picture of where all patients are located

Geo-fencing capability sends alerts when patients move outside quarantine location or tracking is non-responsive

Easily configured sites / zones allows for hierarchical management

Reporting in real-time and configured to location, site or zone

Designed to mitigate risk, save lives and allow countries and businesses to return to normal

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How does it work?

The Restrata Platform Covid-19 solution is formed of 3 component parts – the Platform, the app and the wristband.
Each patient receives a wristband beacon with Bluetooth and accelerometer and downloads app. Once fastened, can only be cut to be removed. Isolation location is ‘pinned’ on arrival; pin forms geofence of 30m. If patient steps outside, alarm is raised within Restrata Platform.

Step 1

Individual assessed to require isolation or quarantine.

Step 2

Individual issued with tag. App downloaded on phone and paired. Name, Patient ID and Telephone number required

Step 3

Individual given 2 hours to travel to Isolation Location

Step 4

Individual arrives at Isolation Location. Confirms location through pin. Geofence initiated

Step 5

Individual  constantly updated, location, wrist strap in range and monitored

Accessing real-time actionable intelligence on the Restrata Platform:

Management of Quarantine across the country

Management Dashboard: Country segmented into zones

Each zone shows people status, alerts & activity

Each individual details and location viewed at anytime

Wristband iBeacon options

By using a Bluetooth wristband, uniquely paired to a mobile application, the Restrata Platform_CV19 also enables more efficient and direct communication to individuals. They can receive updates, information and next steps from authorities directly to their phone.

Designed to mitigate risk, save lives and allow countries and businesses to return to normal