Calling all oil and gas companies

Restrata Group is leading a project for a working group of the Energy Institute with the objective to produce guidance on dynamic risk assessments and a toolkit for training front line and managerial safety decision makers for loss of containment incidents, a step in improving risk management globally.

Improving Risk Management

Risk management

This has been prompted by recent incidents which have highlighted the critical importance of risk management and most importantly, decision making in response to loss of containment of hazardous materials in both the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. There have been circumstances where decisions have been made based on incomplete or even conflicting information on the immediate cause of loss of containment leading to uncertainty about the potential for escalation. Decision making has been compromised by time, stress and fatigue pressures and the possibility that all options for mitigating the consequences carry risk. When an incident occurs there is limited opportunity to refer to manuals, plans and other reference material for guidance. There may be cultural issues over the willingness to shut-down plant or to challenge managers, and a mind-set of persistence that the situation is not out of control.

Control Centre Risk Management

The project

This year long project will examine the outcomes of previous loss of containment incidents both onshore and offshore, focusing on how front line responders and their management have reacted and what actions or decisions should have been implemented if best practice had been followed; thereby identifying how to improve training and continue to reinforce the learning from accidents so that best practice responses become habitual in risk management.

Restrata Group is looking for contributions from oil and gas companies, in particular their views on best practice in training for response to loss of containment incidents. Do you have any examples of responses to incidents, both successful responses that avoided injury to people and / or the environment and less successful examples where these could have been avoided by alternative actions?

Information submitted about companies and locations will be kept in the strictest of confidence. Contact us at [email protected] to register your interest.

Restrata Group is working with representatives from BP, Centrica, Total and Valero under the management of the Energy Institute.