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Safe Cities

High-tech metropolitan utopias of the 21st century, the stakeholders in the Safe Cities concept include incumbent governments, urban planners, transport providers, security forces, emergency services, civic administrative bodies, private enterprises, visitors and individual inhabitants. All share a vested interest in citywide security, stability, safety, free-flowing transport and clean-air that the realities of urban existence often fail to meet. The bigger the metropolis, the greater the need to apply intuitive, upstream technologies to help governments protect citizens, increase efficiency and enhance welfare.

Restrata has assembled teams of thought leaders, industry and government sector pioneers and technological innovators in this field to take the Safe Cities sector to a higher level. Drawing on their deep expertise in the intelligent transport, crime prevention, counter-terrorism and national security system domains, these teams serve numerous municipal clients around the world, providing them with ‘future-proof’ city infrastructure solutions that reduce costs, counter congestion, increase service levels and enhance security.

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