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Enabling your Engineers to build secure assets & infrastructure
by design for a safer tomorrow.

Implementing a safety and security strategy at the initial design conception phase is of paramount importance. Our team of safety and security consultants work with your developers and architects to analyse all possible risks and threats to your operation. With this information we design counter-measures into the physical property and ensure all security processes and procedures will work in relation to the design.

Our security and design consulting services cover multiple sectors and industries, including oil fields, power stations and industrial complexes.


We start every project with a Security Risk Assessment (SRA) to fully understand all possible challenges and threats an operation may face.


Development of a security strategy for the overall asset that includes Concept of Operations(CONOPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure overall mitigation & management of security risk.


We work with urban planners, architects, engineers and landscaping teams to provide Security Master Planning solutions at the conceptual design phase of the project, identifying all necessary measures needed to mitigate any risks.


We ensure physical security measures are integrated into designs, following a full analysis of the architectural build and business process.


We can RFP, award, supervise & project manage the implementation on your behalf ensuring full design adherence and on-time delivery of contracted work packages.

Insights from our Experts

Security In a Rail Environment

In a world of growing population, new fast growing and emerging economies developing modern safe and secure means of transporting people and goods has never been more vital to continuing to bring economic and social benefits to societies across the globe.

Facial Recognition for Stadium Report

This Restrata focus report was commissioned to examine Facial Recognition and its potential to be used for combatting crime at stadia around the world. The technology whilst still in its infancy, is evolving at a rapid pace due to advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and improvements to cameras capturing the images.

Securing Infrastructure in 2030

To answer the question “what are we securing”, we first must imagine the world in 2030. What will infrastructure look like in 2030, how will businesses run, what will be the priorities of people and governments, what types of transportation will be in place – the list of questions is seemingly endless.

Hotel Security Assessments

With the increasing risks of criminal, cyber and terror attacks, as well as crisis and emergency situations, the hotel industry must ensure appropriate and effective application of hotel security measures that are balanced with a welcoming and accessible environment.