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Service & Support

Restrata Service & Support is set up to deliver a wide range of ‘after Sales’ Customer Service focused capability

With our vendor independent approach to security and infrastructure technologies we have developed a unique capability to support all the major manufacturers and vendors electronic security systems and products in the harsh and more challenging environments of today’s business world; whether access control, intruder detection or non-intrusive inspection. This is underpinned with an experienced, technically capable and available in-house support team drawn from across the business. This is further enhanced by our in country resources being founded on local nationals with a rigorous resource selection process, a developmental training program coupled with technical service and support certification from all the key manufacturers and vendors.

Restrata Service & Support Team provides all the required levels of Customer Service and prides itself on its ability to deliver across the whole spectrum including:

  • Care of ownership and basic equipment husbandry
  • Fault escalation and call handling
  • Routine preventative maintenance
  • Complex and demanding corrective maintenance procedures

We believe that Customer Services should go beyond that normally defined in service level agreements and the Support element exists to provide additional, or value-added services, that extend to:

  • Procuring, storing and tracking of assets, equipment’s, systems, sub-systems and related ancillaries
  • Provisioning, storing and cycling of spares, service and operational consumables
  • Reporting on system operational availability, operational data capture, related statistical and root cause analysis
  • Supporting operational availability through remote system access
  • Training of operational, administrative, technical and support personnel
  • Providing tooling, testing and survey equipment including its procurement, repair and calibration
  • Managing other location based service providers to bring a focus to site or facility customer service
  • Providing and supporting base or at site testing and pre-delivery inspections with acceptance and system handover capability
  • Our Customer Service Team is your ‘one stop shop’ for genuine, customer focused, unbiased, robust, available, reliable and fit for purpose.  We understand your service needs and are able and available to provide for them wherever, whenever or whatever they are.
For more information about Service & Support please call +971 (0) 4 375 1638 or email [email protected]